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Some Points Need to Know Before Writing an eBook

Nowadays everything is available on the internet like Books which we call an eBooks. And as you know that selling eBooks is easier than traditional books also most of the people like to read eBooks because it can easily available in the internet and cheaper rate compare to traditional book. That’s why ebook publishing market is booming in present time.

Some rules you have to think about before you attempt to write your own eBook:

•    My first point about that you must have good knowledge about that topic which one you are going to write an eBook because it is better to write an eBook about a subject you have a wide knowledge of the topic. If you attempt to write an eBook when you have very little knowledge of the contents, your eBook will be unsuccessful.

•    EBook title is also very important. If you already have an eBook title in your mind, then put it aside for a moment and come up with at least another 5 possible titles for your eBook. Now see all the titles in a list and select one of them which one is best suited for your eBook publishing. Call to action title words can be Stopped, Now, Discover, Imagine and so on.

•    And also what format will your eBook be available in? The main two format eBooks are currently available in are compiler software and Adobe PDF format and most of the people like the PDF format because pdf reader is supported in many platforms and most of the people know about it like Adobe Acrobat PDF format is installed on many new computers so readily available for buyers to read your eBook, and Adobe also provide a free download for Adobe PDF Reader.

•    Are you thinking to include web links in your eBook? When you are writing your eBook you should include your website url at the end, because if readers enjoyed your eBook then they may be wanting to visit your website.

•    When you go to any self publishing services than the first question come in your mind is, how much you are going to charge for your eBook? Selecting a price of your eBook can be a really tough choice. You have to find a sufficient price for your book. Study similar content, eBooks and observe the prices they are selling for. You could buy copies of competitor’s eBooks and compare their contents with your eBook. Another option is to offer your subscribers your eBook at different costs, then ask purchasers their opinion on your eBook with regard to value for money.

So if you like my points for writing an ebook than please reply and for know about ebook publishing statistics you can use KDP analytics tool which can help you to Understanding kdp sales.