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Some Good Tips to Improve Your eBook Sales

If you have written your book, you’ve edited it, and published it, and your sell is not come rolling in. Then now is the time when you need to think about your promotion and sales strategy. Selling eBook is an easy and affordable, but you need to know about the market place where you are going to sales kindle books. Then you need to know about the selling your book, how to sell more and more copy of your eBook. You will have to make a good and improve sales strategy for ebook for selling a good amount of your eBook.

Here we are discussing some tips to boost your eBook sales.

First of all you need to invest to get an excellent eBook cover page because many readers judge your book by its cover page. A good cover page attracts your audience or readers; it is a single most important factor which is getting the initial interest to look into your eBook by readers. So do not neglect this fact and make an interesting and good looking cover page for your eBook.

You can offer your eBook through your website or blog if you don’t have them created an author website or blog. Your website is the place where readers will come to know about you. If they liked your book they will come to your website and try to find what else you have written, which can be really an immense source of additional sales.
If you have your website you can easily offer your eBook through your existing site and analyze kdp sales. Make a folder and upload your all eBooks in this folder and upload it to the website host, but make sure about the privacy of these books. And then create an index page where you will have to put your all book detail so you would introduce your store to your visitor. Make sure you bring out your eBook publishing on your site homepage as well.

Provide a nice and quick preview of your eBook so readers can get the right book. A preview is the best way to provide the short description, about your eBook it will helpful in engaging your potential buyers and readers to your eBook.

Create a dedicated sales page to promote your eBook, it page should be fully search engine optimized. You can use the complete information on the webpage, which you want to share with your customer such as author information, book information, special offers of your eBook information, rights of your eBook readers and your eCommerce system information etc. This page really makes sense to fetch potential and a huge amount of traffic to your webpage and also this page will helpful for readers to understand about the eBook publishing or author.

You can give the rights to your readers; they can purchase eBooks with resell your eBook. For example, your readers can purchase eBooks with or without resell rights, so they have an additional befits to purchase from you.

Make sure about the different reading preferences of your eBook because in the digital media, peoples have many choices to read your eBook like, PC, iPhone, iPad, Mobile, Kindle or Nook and the problem is each one of these devices have their own compatible file formats. So we need to offer our eBook in all reading formats.

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