Understanding KDP sales & KDP statistics


KDP analytics allow you to make smarter decisions, based on eBook publishing statistics. To grow an online publishing business, you need more visibility. KDP Analytic offers you an online tool that will provide you the complete statistics which will help you to improve the visibility and the sales of your Kindle books.

KDP Analytics are the best platform for those online publishers who looking to maximize the online opportunity and minimize the risk. With the help of KDP Statistics and our forecasting feature eBook publisher can easily predict your sales, royalties and profit. With some great statistics and the data, KDP analytics give you some tips how to improve visibility and sales of your e-books.  KDP analytics guide you and provide you some suggestion like a road map so you can get better results in the competitive marketplace.

Our custom-built analytics package automates and simplifies your ability to study and benchmark performance. KDP Analytics provides spontaneous dashboards for digging down into transactional data, either as detailed monthly, weekly reports or daily snapshots. This tool has great capabilities to collect information from across your business to give you insights that will better inform your business going forward.  And also help to make some strategies for your eBook polishing in the competitive marketplace.


  • Daily, weekly and monthly statistics of your e-book sales.
  • All reports are available to print and download.
  • Measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing with deep statistics.
  • Easy and understandable diagram.
  • Comprehensive sales reporting.
  • Add more than 100 books on your one account.
  • Forecasting nature.
  • Sales statistics
  • Royalty prediction
  • Revenue  statistics