Understanding KDP sales & KDP statistics


What is a KDP Analytics Tool?

KDP analytics allow you to make smarter decisions, based on ebook publishing statistics. KDP Analytic offer you an online tool that will provide you the complete statistics which will help you to improve the visibility and the sales of your Kindle books.

Do I need an Amazon account to having Kdp analytics tool?

Yes, we need an Amazon account for KDP analytics tool.

What is Limit of Books to add?

KDP account provides the 100 plus book limit for the pro User, you can get more information click here for the complete price detail of KDP Analytics.

How are royalties calculated?

If you select the 30 percent royalty option, your royalty will be 30 percent of your list price for each unit sold. We use this formula for the royalty’s calculation Estimated royalty x (net units sold + adjust sold)

What happens when the account Downgraded is all data lost?

No KDP Analytics provides the best class safety service because the data are most important for the eBook publishing business. You can get your all data if the account downgraded you cannot view them, you need to upgrade account to get enough limit of data access.

How do I know my highest Sold Book name?

On the Dashboard you can see highest sold books listing and its details. KDP tool provide easier visibility for user to view all analytics data.

How to recover the Passwords?

If you will lose your passwords, then no need to worry about this because KDP Analytics provide you the service to retain your passwords.  You just need to click on the forgot password button and submit your email ID and we will send you the link to your account where you can easily get your passwords again.

What happen when my account expires?

If you are a pro user and your account is expired then you can renew your account again or you can upgrade your account. When your account will expire you will receive a notification to your registered email where you can get the renew option as well as new offer or pricing option.