Understanding KDP sales & KDP statistics


Why everyone choosing eBook publishing

Now in present era everyone is selecting eBook publishing because as you know that the maximum people have their own electronic device and it’s a fast way to find any book on the internet and read it any time and any place. eBook publishing much better than traditional book publishing because now many online platforms are available for self publishing services where a self publisher can easily update or publish his book online. KDP analytics provides the best analytics tool for online book publishers where publishers can analyze the improvement of his Kindle book sales; also give some tips on how to improve visibility and sales of your eBooks. It can forecast your e-book sales, royalties of different market places and total expected profit.     Advantages of eBook publishing and their sales: •    E-book publishing is cost effective because compare to publishing a book in print, eBook publishing is way cheaper.  Electronic book publishing lets you produce as many copies as you want whereas a print book requires you to pay for every page that you produce  and also easier to get eBook publishing statistics and know about that how many books are sold. •    The process of publishing an eBook is easier and faster than traditional book publishing. You don’t need to go through the hassle of submitting your manuscript repeatedly. eBook publishing can even be rushed depending on the type and quality that you wanted to achieve. •    As you already know that electronic devices are in trend, constantly increasing and electronic devices are easy to transport and they feature more storage and function capabilities. •    E-books give you a long term chance of benefits on eBooks because, When you have published an eBook you give your readers a chance to go back to your contact info such as your website, your email or your social network profile. This benefit gives your readers a convenient way to contact you for product inquiries and business as well. •    And one of the most important and good advantage is if we need to improve or update our work, then we can always update it and our subscribers instantly get the updated version on their systems. So don’t wait...

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5 Reasons why to join KDP analytics community

As you know that KDP Analytics is very good and very important tool for all E-book publishers because KDP Analytics is unique web software that can turn your KDP statistics report in a deep marketing analysis. KDP offers you an on-line tool that will provide you the complete eBook publishing statistics which will help you to assist show you the improved the visibility and the sales of your Kindle books. KDP Analytics can also provide you book-wise and contributor-wise statistics. All statistics are shown in comprehensive graphs and diagrams which are easy to read and understand. Beside pure statistics, our purpose to give you several forecasting features for royalties, predicting sales and profit. With KDP Analytics you can analyze the effectiveness of categories and keywords, find market niches and get strategies how to achieve your sales objective. Now 5 Reasons why to join the KDP Analytics community Keep Control:  You can see daily, weekly and monthly statistics reports of your e-book sales and also Measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing with deep statistics in easy-understandable diagrams and you can also download all reports which are available. Understand Self: Publishing: Deep statistics will show, which kindle e-books are selling or in high demand in purchase by customers and who is a successful contributor. Develop strategies: Accurate and exegete statistics lead to right decisions for boosting your e-book sales because If you know that in which area your book are not purchased by readers, then you also do more focus on that particular area. Forecast Earnings: When you can make a fix target and focus of selling your book than you can make an estimation of royalties for the current and future months. And not only that you can add more than 100 of the books on your one account. Find best: selling topics: Using related keyword and category search tool, then you will find the niche topics for new e-books and because of the good high ranking and competitive keywords and topics your book will get more traffic and sales. And KDP Analytics tool provides you comprehensive sales reporting every day if you want. KDP Analytics are the best platform for those on-line eBook publishers who looking to maximize...

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Online book publishing is the best way to advertise your book

Online book publishing or electronic book publishing means publishing e-books and electronic articles as well as development of digital libraries by way of the Internet.  After complete a book all the writers have a one most difficult question that, how to get best advertisement of our book into the market as compare to the competitors? Now a day’s eBook publishing is the best way to advertise or promote your book into marketplace because of that it is an easy, affordable, and effective way for beginning writers, importunate novelists, and aspiring bestsellers to have their work appreciated by ravenous readers all over the world, or it can also be a simple income-generating stepping-stone for mass production of a still unpopular masterpiece or we can say  that it is  an innovative battlefield for publishing accomplishment today for books. The tools and techniques to accomplish and pressure they are quite different from the traditional methods for online book publishing. With the help of that all the worldwide readers read that published online or digital book that through the website. If you want to make the most possible money from selling eBooks, then you should consider self-publication and marketing through online publishing. Many authors, not wanting to advance the time or energy in trying to locate a publisher; or, authors wishing to publish their own book, are turning more and more to publishing an EBook and preferred online book publishing. To make the best advertisement of publishing a book online that needs to follow some steps, these steps of eBook publishing are as follows. 1.    Choosing the right eBook publishing program 2.    Picking an eBook format 3.    Providing ISBN numbers 4.    Creating eBook covers 5.    Setting up a Payment System 6.    Using an e-reader for testing purposes Online books have become the best way for book readers to read, easy and fast because of their portability. Readers also do not have to always buy the books and waste the time; there are some websites that provide free eBooks to any visitor and the market is increasing at a very rapid rate. Online publishing is fast becoming a popular mode of disseminating all kinds of publications. Today, most publishers always have an eBook publishing...

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The Benefits of Online Book Publishing

An ebook is the electronic version of printed books or in other words, we can say a book in digital format, and in the present scenario online book publishing is the best way to promote your book online. Online book publishing not only promotes your book, but also you will make more money. And now a day’s many online tools are available which will help to improve your online ebook sales. Once your ebook is ready to sell, you may use these three channels in the markets are: Sales-Mini-Sites, Digital Download Distributors, and Print-On-Demand (POD) Distributors. There are many benefits of online ebook publishing these are as follows: 1. Lower Publishing Price: if you want to publish your book, then ebook publishing can be a good deal for you, because digital publishing costs can be much lower than traditional book publishing costs. 2. Easy Distribution: With the help of ebook publication you can easily reach your targeted audiences in global basis with vary low cost. 3. Increase reader: ebook publishing will increase your readers because they can be viewed across a number of mediums like laptops, mobile phones, and e-book readers. That means online book publishing will increase your ebook visibility. 4. Update ebook quickly: This is a very important benefit for that publisher, who wants to publish their nonfiction book in the market. With the help of electronic book format you can revise and update your ebook whenever you want. 5. Low Risk, High Potential: ebook Publishing is low risk and high potential, because it will take a less production cost and provide high potential and revenue return for all. 6. A great marketing tool for your Business: An ebook can be a great marketing tool for your business, for example the ebook can furnish you with opportunities to do media interviews, give speeches, and serve as a seminar panelist. If you have a good experience or knowledge about online publishing then you can see self-publishing have a quiet young business opportunity. Some big online tool like kdpanalytics gives you the Comprehensive e-book publishing statistics and analytics detail of your sales, which will help you to make the right decisions. After publication of your e-book this tool will...

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