Understanding KDP sales & KDP statistics

5 Reasons why to join KDP analytics community

As you know that KDP Analytics is very good and very important tool for all E-book publishers because KDP Analytics is unique web software that can turn your KDP statistics report in a deep marketing analysis. KDP offers you an on-line tool that will provide you the complete eBook publishing statistics which will help you to assist show you the improved the visibility and the sales of your Kindle books. KDP Analytics can also provide you book-wise and contributor-wise statistics. All statistics are shown in comprehensive graphs and diagrams which are easy to read and understand. Beside pure statistics, our purpose to give you several forecasting features for royalties, predicting sales and profit. With KDP Analytics you can analyze the effectiveness of categories and keywords, find market niches and get strategies how to achieve your sales objective.

Now 5 Reasons why to join the KDP Analytics community

Keep Control:  You can see daily, weekly and monthly statistics reports of your e-book sales and also Measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing with deep statistics in easy-understandable diagrams and you can also download all reports which are available.

Understand Self: Publishing: Deep statistics will show, which kindle e-books are selling or in high demand in purchase by customers and who is a successful contributor.

Develop strategies: Accurate and exegete statistics lead to right decisions for boosting your e-book sales because If you know that in which area your book are not purchased by readers, then you also do more focus on that particular area.

Forecast Earnings: When you can make a fix target and focus of selling your book than you can make an estimation of royalties for the current and future months. And not only that you can add more than 100 of the books on your one account.

Find best: selling topics: Using related keyword and category search tool, then you will find the niche topics for new e-books and because of the good high ranking and competitive keywords and topics your book will get more traffic and sales. And KDP Analytics tool provides you comprehensive sales reporting every day if you want.

KDP Analytics are the best platform for those on-line eBook publishers who looking to maximize the on-line opportunity and minimize the risk. Our tools give you full details about sales, royalties and profit of your eBooks so you can easily understand and analyze KDP sales. And as you know that our main objective is Boosting Kindle e-book sales and give, the more profit and royalty too.